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~Welcome to the Library~ [entries|friends|calendar]
Ayase Yue(Baka Black)

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This is crazy... [28 Aug 2005|02:16am]
[ mood | This is... ]

I was glad, Kaede was able to slip out and brought Tatsumiya-san and Kuu-san along as well. Kaede and I split off from the other duo, they didn't tell me much about the situation but it seemed there were many things going on. It turned out that Negi-sensei was going to fight this other short kid... Kaede stepped in instead and Negi-sensei ran off.

The fight, Kaede is definately skilled. She's told me she is a ninja but I'd only seen a fraction of her capabilities. It was certainly impressive although fighting is not something I see much logic in. But I had to step out... all the drinks I'd had earlier caught up.

Kaede subdued the boy and there was a bright light in the distance, it came down like a pillar from the sky. Something very... Negi-sensei had headed in that direction.

I'm not even sure, this is all so wierd.

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[20 Aug 2005|04:47am]
[ mood | confused ]

This... is not good... what is going on?!... Completely defying all basic... principles of common... logic!

Alright, caught my breath. What just happened, I don't exactly know how to explain it. Haruna... what happened to her? Nodoka... Kazumi-san... I don't know if they are okay or not. It all happened so fast, one minute we were playing cards the next I was running through the woods.

Was what just happened really what Kaede has been refering to all this time? She's mentioned things such as magic, or at least magical properties before.

It's of little concequence... on my own I can't do anything. But they could help I'm sure. Kaede, you better have your phone turned on...

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What the hell is this?! [10 Aug 2005|01:46am]
[ mood | tired ]

Setsuna-san dragged us to Cinema Town... She jumped over the roofs to get inside!!! Haruna said it was CG effects but I am most certain now that it wasn't. When we got inside she started talking about Setsuna-san and Konoka having 'That kind of relationship' honestly, everyone in our class overreacts, Asakura-san and her group came along and started trying to prove it.

A strange girl attacked us with these weird... toys. It was really stupid. But what happened with Setsuna-san and Konoka was really strange... it wasn't CG.

We met up with Asuna-san, Negi-sensei and Nodoka, then we headed to Konoka's mansion... I never knew she lived in such a big place! They had a party though and I really got to thinking about what had happened today, those were no CG effects... it just isn't possible to orchestrate something of that calibur without many weeks of planning! It just isn't possible! Asakura-san, I stand by my word. There is something strage going on.

After a mishap in the baths we are sitting in the room they had set up for us and playing cards. I wonder if we will be in trouble for not going back, but Konoka's father said it would be okay...

(OOS:Woah... there was a big jump. But we needed it.)

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[27 Jul 2005|07:18am]
[ mood | impressed ]

We were able to catch up with Negi-sensei this morning for free activity day, it was somewhat surprising that Makie-san and Iinchyo's groups hadn't grabbed him after last night's game. We walked around and got to see the lovely scenery, but we quickly found an arcade.

I lent Negi-sensei my starter deck for 'Magic & Wizards' he did very well for a novice at the game I suppose he is a child genius afterall. He even took on a challenger and was holding up pretty well, he pulled the staff card but was defeated before he could use it.

I got to battle with Haruna, the first round was easily mine but I wasn't so successful in round two. She just started playing with Konoka now, trying to collect all the Kansai special edition cards. Setsuna seems a little nervous though, she keeps glancing at the door.

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Unnn, Strange evening indeed. [16 Jul 2005|10:11pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well, after all was said and done all the participants of the 'Love-love Kiss operation' ended up squatting in the lobby. Luckily for myself I had much to think about and the pain was in the farthest reaches of my mind.

When things started off, Nodoka and I used my plan and took the outside route to the back of the hotel and came through the emergency exit which let us avoid Niita-sensei and all of our competition. Fuuka and Fumika dropped from the roof though and then Kuu Fei also showed up, so I held them off te let Nodoka make her move.

But she screamed and when we got inside Nodoka had passed out and Negi-sensei was gone. While I was watching Nodoka Negi-sensei came back and... He asked for a... kiss. He then pushed me down right in front of Nodoka, I couldn't believe it. And even worse yet I almost let him kiss me, I don't understand why. I realized he was an imposter, Nodoka woke up right when I hit him. So we ran and found out there were even more fake senseis. It seemed as if sensei wasn't aware of what was going on, which makes me question Asakura's motives even more.

But it was okay, in the end Nodoka got her kiss and group 5 won. I'm really happy for Nodoka, I wonder what her prize is. Though...

I still have a few things to reflect on...

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Hmmmm... Second night of the trip... [05 Jul 2005|02:11am]
[ mood | devious ]

Seems Asakura beat me to Nodoka, she seemed slightly traumatized... apparently she asked if Nodoka had slept with Negi-sensei. It was a joke, but I understand why she freaked out.

After some comforting and Haruna bouncing everywhere making proclamations of love. As dead of a friends as Haruna is, I think letting that girl get near Nodoka and Negi-sensei will lead to something bad... she wouldn't be adversed to making Asakura's joke a reality. -_-;;

To make matters worse, the class seems to have decided on a contest. Where the objective is to kiss Negi-sensei. They are forming groups right now, since Asuna, Setsuna, and Konoka aren't around Nodoka and myself have been given our teams spot by default. Haru is being our unofficial cheerleader. But I have a plan, and I won't let Nodoka's innocent love be dashed over this stupid contest.

Nodoka and group 5 shall be victorious.

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Hmmmm [19 Jun 2005|03:35am]
[ mood | distressed ]

Things have been uneventful since Nodoka's confession... well, for the most past at least. But Asakura-san has been snooping around and I am a bit worried, I don't know exactly what she is looking for but it would be best if she left Nodoka alone.

I don't think that will be the case though, so I am going to go find one or the other before major mental damage is inflicted.

I'll be back later. -_-'

(OOC:Sorry for the lack of update, I've just had very little to work with until our point was confirmed... It wasn't for a complete lack of trying though. I will try better in the future to stay updated.)

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Fight Nodoka! [28 May 2005|06:36pm]
[ mood | excited ]

This morning was strange, Sakurazaki-san ran out of the lunchroom from Konoka... I'm not sure what's going on with those two. But on a brighter note, Nodoka got the nerve to ask Negi-sensei to follow along for our group activities today... and he accepted! I was so proud of her for that, she beat out Iincho-san, Makie-san, and Fuuka-san.

For our activity day we headed to Nara Park, Nodoka seemed really happy... but like usual Paru wasn't satisfied -_-' She slapped Nodoka and told her she had to confess... It was typical of Paru but she really goes to far when her moods catch her. So she and I drove Asuna-san off (Sorry Asuna! It was important!) while Konoka got rid of Setsuna.

We spied on Nodoka and Negi, she kept messing up the confession! 'Anata ga daisuki desu!' I wanted her to just say it so badly, daikon oroshi? Why radishes? I was just waiting for her to yell 'daijin' instead. And she got stuck in the hole at the Buddhist temple. But she got her confession out in the end, I was so happy for her. Nodoka can be brave if she needs to be.

Sensei over-heated afterwards, guess he's got that teething fever.

((OOC: I know a lot of people have finals going on but where has everyone gone?!))

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Well, what should I expect... [18 May 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Things have been crazy around here, classmates have been acting mysterious and vanishing on a whim. I guess, from them it should be expected. But what just happened was perhaps the strangest yet, I woke up and had to use the toilet very badly! When I got there it seemed Konoka-san had it occupied, she kept saying that she was still using the bathroom. Well over 5 minutes passed before action was taken, but when the door was knocked down she wasn't in there. I needed to go so badly at the time I didn't care... but now... I'm not sure what to make of it. When I was finished Asuna-san, Konoka-san, and Setsuna-san were all gone.

I guess I shouldn't worry, they know what they are doing... whatever it happens to be. ...Still...

((OOC:I'm to lazy to check the scanlations on my other computer, so forgive me if I am in the wrong spot. Going through it all in my mind though I know I'm at least close...))

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Look out Kyoto! [10 May 2005|12:12am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Our Kyoto class trip is officially underway, I'm in the group consisting of Myself, Nodoka, Haru, Konoka-san, Asuna-san, and Setsuna-san who was added last minute.

The trip on the Shinkansen started out alright, but when we were playing Magic & Wizards all of the sudden the train flooded with frogs -_-"" I have no idea what was going on. Shizuna-sensei and Ako-chan both passed out, Kaede-san seemed on the verge also.

After the frogs got cleared up, things were alright for a bit. We went sightseeing, there was a small contest between Iincho, Makie-san, and Nodoka over Negi-sensei... Nodoka won after her competators fell into a pit trap. I was happy. As we continued on a bunch of students got drunk on accident, they thought it was water *sigh* So many of the girls are still passed out.

Chisame-san has let my borrow her laptop very briefly for this, although it's costing a great favor ans she is watching to make sure I don't go snooping in her files Why would I anyways?


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A Kyoto class trip... [02 May 2005|11:27pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Most of the class seems enthusiastic about the class trip, it will be nice fore Negi-sensei to experience more of Japan than the Mahora campus. I have to admit I am excited, Kyoto has so much history and the architecture is wonderful.

I think Nodoka, Haruna, and I will go clothes shopping tomorrow... it seems a bit pointless but I guess lots of cute clothes aren't needed when we're generally wearing our uniforms. We'll have fun... but I hate to think about what Haruna will try forcing onto Nodoka... sometimes I really worry about Haru. v_v;

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[01 May 2005|12:04am]
[ mood | blah ]

Everyone seemed back to normal today, aside from a general fatigue amongst the class.

The blackout was nice, I got A LOT of reading done during it, Nodoka seemed happy too. There was a strange feeling though in the air, I can't really place it but... oh well, it's nothing, probably from reading in near darkness.

I've really taken liking to a new card game Haru introduced me to called 'Magic and Wizards' despite first impressions it is actually pretty fun.

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Everyone's acting funny... [27 Apr 2005|10:56pm]
[ mood | good ]

Everyone's been acting so strange this week... Negi-sensei left class early, he seemed very determined to find Evangeline-san. Nodoka seems somewhat distressed but I don't know why and Makie-san was uncharacteristically calm today.

...This is so dumb, why should I think that there is anything going on between Negi-sensei and Evangeline-san...

Well, the blackout is happening tomorrow, I think we already have most of our things ready... I'm just going to read the entire time anyways so it isn't like it matters. I'm off to pick up a few more books from the library, and return a few too, I want to be ready.

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Strange... [24 Apr 2005|11:48am]
[ mood | pensive ]

Negi-sensei was acting very strange at school, he seemed really frazzled. Maybe it ties in with Nodoka's situation, when she arrived home, aided by Konoka-san, she said something had happened on Sakura Lane. Her clothes were all but gone and she couldn't recall all that had happened but it seems that Negi-sensei had saved her and run off. She didn't feel like talking much about it, and I can't blame her, but Haruna was pretty insistant on getting information from her.

Nodoka seemed to have cheered up today though, I was happy for that. Negi-sensei was asking about Evangeline-san and seemed a bit pleased that she hadn't shown up for class.

I'm not sure what is going on but I have my suspicions.

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Class 3-A [22 Apr 2005|08:51pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

We've officially become class 3-A, and with the new school year it meant that it was time for our measurements to be taken... There was some stupid rumor going around school about a vampire on Sakura Lane... It has been a long time since I've read a good vampire story, I'm intruiged wven if it is just a rumor.

Later I helped Nodoka clean up around the library, I forgot how messed up it gets around exam time. I guess with the rush of students needing to study it is bound to happen, I wish they would really think things through. I would have stayed longer to help but I needed to get to the dorms early, Haru's latest manga installment is due tomorrow so she is pretty frantic. She'll get finished though.

Nodoka should be home soon... Ah, she takes Sakura Lane back too. I'm sure she'll be alright, it's just a rumor afterall. Still, I am worried about her... could this be what Evangeline meant when she mentioned strange things happening. I wonder...

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Interesting.... [18 Apr 2005|02:07pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

(OOC: Okay, my computer is fried and I can't access live journal from school because the site is blocked. So I have to go through photobucket to make my entries... meaning I have no idea what everyone else is posting in their journals. I can however read replies to my journal through the e-mail updates so if you post I will know and reply, but I can't post your anyone elses entry. I don't know how or when the internet will be available to me at home but I will try to keep updating on my situation as often as possible! If someone would like to tell me what is happening periodically it would be appretiated!)
(Edit: My sister got it working today so I can properly update! But I don't count on this lasting...)


IC: Despite having to study for the exams I have had a wonderful experience living in the library, the exploration was great on it's own but I have to be greatful for Makie and Asuna-san's idiot mistake in the 'twister' game... the cave beneath the library was magical. I've never gotten to enjoy myself so much in a long time, it was a very exciting experience.

The golem was another story though...

It seems that I have to be on the move though... *sigh*

Update: As for the actual exam, I think I did as well as I could have done. At the beginnning I was exhausted but suddently I got this wave of enthusiasm it felt like I'd actually gotten a full night of sleep. I guess the kindergarden rumor wasn't true afterall, but Negi-sensei said that our scores determine wether he will be staying or not.

I hope Nodoka is not too troubled, I'm sure our class won't come in last place this year.

I am excited about the break after exam though, no school and more importantly no studying.
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Peculiar... [14 Apr 2005|01:15am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

The dodgeball match was strange, that is the only thing I am going to say about the subject. Nodoka was happy though afterwards, I'm glad she didn't get injured at all.

Haruna says I should study because the final exams are coming soon. I hate to study, Haruna I'm sorry but I think I will sit this round out and read a book instead. Although, there has been a strange rumor floating through the dorms about the lowest class being split apart... and the dumbest students getting sent back to kindergarden to repeat primary school. Maybe the baka rangers will need to study afterall.

Mighty Morphin Baka Rangers, Assemble!

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Interesting... [11 Apr 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Today Nodoka, Haruna, and I were in the Library filing the books and making sure the online catalogue was up to date, but it seems that there was some sort of fight out in the courtyard that the high schoolers initiated. Ako said she and Makie had gotten Negi-sensei to break things up but the older girls just began fondling him. Ayaka and Asuna got involved before Takamichi-sensei resolved the issue.

That class isn't the type to give up so easily... but neither is ours.

I'm just happy Nodoka wasn't around, she has trouble enough with the girls in our class pursuing Negi-sensei but toss more into the bunch and we will have trouble.

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This has been a strange week... [10 Apr 2005|01:28am]
[ mood | curious ]

When we returned to school it was discovered that a new teacher would be our homeroom teacher and the head of our English class. We soon found out he is a 10-year old boy named Negi Springfield from Wales... and yet no one seems to find this odd. He is a competent teacher but the class is rowdy, they don't see him as a teacher but instead like a plaything.

Nodoka-chan is smitten with him despite disliking boys, she's so nervous when it comes to speaking to him so it is difficult sometimes. Maybe this will be good for her though, it might bring her from her shell. Already she has begun to part her hair differently so you can see her cute face.

For that reason I hope Negi-sensei does well, Nodoka-chan is happy even if the other girls affections for the boy have a nervous effect on her. I'll support her ever step of the way.

Haru has been lecturing me about my study habits lately, I hate to study.

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