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Hateful ones: Study of school

Ayase Yue(Baka Black)
16 November
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Name: Ayase Yue
Location: Mahora Academy, Japan
Birthday: November 16, 1988
Age: 14
Blood Type: AB
Seat #: 4
Clubs: Children's Literature, Philosopher's Society, Librarian Exploration Club
Likes: Green Tea Cola, Tomato Milk, Books, Fiction, Fantasy, Nodoka-chan, Haru, Manga (occasionally)
Dislikes: Studying, When her classmates over react (There is a reason she sits next to Chisame!), When Nodoka is too shy, When Haru hits Nodoka for being shy
Defaults: Things that are mystical fascinate her, She rarely has an extreme facial reaction
Strong Points: Loyal, trustworthy